the beers

At altered genius brewing co. we focus on traditional beer styles, but embrace the creativity in the crafting of something special. 
We will offer rotating, seasonal options to accompany our flagship beers. 
Brilliantly Crafted

This unfiltered IPA is the epitome of brilliantly balanced flavors.  7 different hop varieties impart their unique characteristics to this beer's complexity of tastes and aromas, including earthy and piney notes to citrusy, and grapefruit-like notes.  With its surges of variety, this IPA has a sturdy malt backbone and an effervescent pour pulling it all together.

Alc. 7.2%
IBUs 95

Alc. 6%
IBUs 50


This beer is bold in both flavor and appearance.  Nearly black in color, but with a creamy, caramel-colored head, this chocolate fudge coffee stout bears a subtle presence of Madagascar vanilla and a rich, velvety mouthfeel.  When your glass is empty you will be "longing for the lost Lenore".

Just Wright

*available in cans (on tap soon)

Watch your appreciation of IPA soar to new heights, as this brew allows you to traverse the IPA divide, combining our favorite, distinctive characteristics of East and West Coast styles.  The tropical fruit presence paired with a traditional hop bitterness creates an elegant balance.  

Alc. 6.2%
IBUs 66

 Hazy IPA
 This  hazy IPA is citrusy, with a slight pine/resin.  Constant haze is suspended in the orange, golden appearance- while the mouthfeel remains slightly more complex and full from the wheat and flaked oats.  This beer is actually triple dry-hopped and includes 4 complimentary hop varieties.      


Alc. 7%
IBUs 50


Farmhouse Saison as it was intended to be; true to style.  Many drinkers will enjoy this "light beer, with flavor."

Fermented to a nice crisp, somewhat dry finish, the yeast is the true star of this flavor profile.  Flavors and aromas include a slight spice with some fruity esters.   

Alc. 5.3%
IBUs 32

Alc. 5.9%
IBUs 40

I'm Your Huckleberry
Blueberry Thyme Saison

It's the thyme of the season for saison.  Blueberries and thyme will awaken your palate in an effervescent flourish and transition into a crisp, somewhat estery finish that the saison yeast imparts on the flavor profile. Thyme forward in aroma and flavor, this bright purple beer eases nicely into a lingering blueberry flavor. Definitely what the Doc would order. 

Mr. Blonde
Hopped Blonde Ale

*available in cans

Mr. Blonde is a generously hopped blonde ale.  This easy drinking, medium-bodied beer has a smooth, light maltiness and a full compliment of Sultana and Citra hop character.  This beer is dangerous at 6.6%, but finishes much cleaner than things do for Mr. Blonde.


Alc. 6.6%
IBUs 49

Session IPA

Our first installment in the ever-bibber series of IPAs- this session IPA boasts an impressive 84 IBUs.  The hop profile has a pronounced bittering effect and leans more west coast in styling.    


Alc. 4.6%
IBUs 84

Walt Witman
Belgian Wit

Ohhh Wit Beer! My Wit Beer!

Subtle notes of lemon from the hop profile pair perfectly with the light refreshing nature of this beer style.  At just 4% abv, you can enjoy one or many, while watching the leaves of grass dance in the waves of the wind. 


Alc. 4%
IBUs 32

Alc. 4%
IBUs 11

So it Gose
Traditional Gose


with Coriander and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

This small batch sour is refreshingly tart and salty, with the slightest hint of coriander.  Enjoy while reading some Vonnegut or not. 

So it goes . . . 

Billy Pilgrim  

Midsummer Night's Dream
Black IPA
Lazy Chestnut
Brown Ale

A brown ale that is anything but inconsequential.  We soaked chestnuts in bourbon from Wigle Whiskey and infused them into this malty ale.  It's not an outrageous claim that this beer is special.  A sort of general malaise that only the altered genius possess and the insane lament.    

Alc. 6%
IBUs 35


Thursday- 3:30-10pm

Friday- 3:30-10pm

Saturday- 12-10pm

Sunday- 12-7pm