the beers

At altered genius brewing co. we focus on traditional beer styles, but embrace the creativity in the crafting of something special. 
We offer rotating, seasonal options to accompany our flagship beers. 
Brilliantly Crafted

Current Beverage List

Lighter Beers

Peake Saison Traditional Saison

(5.3%, 32 IBU)

light, esters, clove, traditional saison yeast

Kahlo, Mexican Lager

(5.9%, 25 IBU)

Brewed clean with low hop bitterness  Complex aromatics of earth, spice and citrus


Brew Duel

Hop Scotch Brown 

(6.4%, 27 IBU)

Butterscotch Brown Ale, Made by Team Mike!


Hey Arnold!

(5.4%, 16 IBU)

Arnold Palmer, Iced Tea Lemonade Wheat, Made by Team Donnie!

Current Canned Beer List:

Peake Saison

Kahlo Mexican Lager

Dahl Peach Chipotle Saison

Mothers of Dragyinz

Hoptruvian IPA

Orange Pineapple Seltzer

Red Hot Chili Porter




Lager Than Life



Tradtional Oktoberfest Marzen. Crisp, Clean, Subtle German Hop

Mothers of Dragyinz

Tropical Fruit Ale

(5.4% 11 IBU)

Mild tart, juicy passion fruit-like flavo

Sofa King Special


(10% 18 IBU) 

Sweet Potato Ale, English Ale Yeast, Maple, Nutmeg


(10.1% 19 IBU)

Sweet Potato Ale, Abbey Ale Yeast, Belgian Esters, Maple, Nutmeg

Cider and Seltzer

Nixy Seltzer (4.5%)

Black Cherry

A Few Bad Apples collaboration Cider

(rotating flavors)

Hopped Beers

Hoptruvian American IPA 

(7.2% 99IBU) 

American style, slightly bitter, grapefruit, citrus, balanced

Nimbus 2000, NEIPA

(6.3% 24IBU)

New England Style, citrus-forward, stone fruit, low bitterness