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the beers

At altered genius brewing co. we focus on traditional beer styles, but embrace the creativity in the crafting of something special. 
We offer rotating, seasonal options to accompany our flagship beers. 
Brilliantly Crafted

Current Beverage List

Lighter Beers

Umbrella In A Brainstorm

(4.7%, 32 IBU)

Stag horn sumac, locally foraged. Lemon, berry, bright.

Collab with Lavery Brewing Co. 


(5.5%, 20 IBU)

Peach Chipotle Saison

Hannibal Nectar

(6% 37 IBU)

Blood Orange Shandy

Specialty Beers

The One

(5.8% 34 IBU)

New Zealand Pilsner

Gooseberry, Kiwi, White Grapes


(10.1% 19 IBU)

Sweet Potato Ale, Abbey Ale Yeast, Belgian Esters, Maple, Nutmeg

Cider and Seltzer

Nixy Seltzer, Wild Berry Cucumber


A Few Bad Apples collaboration Cider

(rotating flavors)

IPA and Pale Ale

Hoptruvian (7.2% 95 IBU)

American IPA, slightly bitter, citrus, balanced

Lady Red Hair (6.8%, 68 IBU)

Red IPA, Medium malt presence, notes of caramel, toffee, medium hop bitterness

Deuce, Deuce & a Half (9.2%, 94 IBU)

West Coast IPA, big hop bitterness, Cascade, Chinook & Citra hops, overt notes of grapefruit, pine and other citrus.


Darker Options

Lenore Stout

(6.4%, 48 IBU)

Lighter-bodied stout with chocolate fudge roasted, cold brewed coffee addition.

Stephen's Island (5% 18 IBU)

Irish Stout, on Nitro

Current Canned Beer List:

Dahl Peach Chipotle Saison

Mothers of Dragyinz

Hoptruvian IPA


Red Hot Chili Porter


3-Day Weekend

The One

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