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At altered genius brewing co. we focus on traditional beer styles, but embrace the creativity in the crafting of something special. 
We offer rotating, seasonal options to accompany our flagship beers. 
Brilliantly Crafted

Hop-Forward Styles

Hoptruvian (7.2% 95 IBU)

American IPA, slightly bitter, citrus, balanced

Lady Red Hair (6.7% 68 IBU)


Slightly bitter, Piney, Grassy, Malty

Shenius NEIPA (6.2% 67 IBU)

Pink Boots Collab!

The One (6% 35 IBU)

New Zealand Pilsner, Nelson Hops


Cider and Seltzer


A Few Bad Apples Cider


Standard Dry Cider

Dolgo Crabapple 

Ginger Crabapple

Rose Nylund

Kveik Reserve (sweet/tart)

Nixy Seltzer, Plain


Add your own flavor!

Darker Options

Lenore (6.4% 48 IBU)

chocolate coffee stout

Chocolately, Bre6wed with Presto George Coffee, A fan fave!

3-Day Weekend, Vol. 3 (6.5%, 31 IBU)

White Chocolate Raspberry, Golden Stout

Winter Winds (8.8%

Winter Warmer, Tart and Sweet Cherry

Geno (10%)

Imperial Stout


House-made cocktails on tap NOW:

Ole Fashioned

Gin and Juiced (cucumber and gin)

Light-er Beers

And Virtue  (4.1% 4 IBU)

Berliner Weiss

Try it with a little raspberry or woodruff syrup

Umbrella In a Brainstorm (4.7%)

Sumac Saison

Locally foraged sumac

3 Day Weekend, Vol. 2 (5% 18 IBU)

Mango Wheat Pale Ale

A Few Bad Geniuses (6%) 

Cider/Beer Graf

Dole-sch? (6%)

Smoky Pineapple Kolsch-like


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